About our Company and our Goals

Estepublic Group has been trading for generations in Turkey since 1973. Estepublic is a group of companies that has continued to work with its commercial knowhow, accumulation ad capital and invest without interruption to ensure a contribution to achieving development, progress and reaching the level of contemporary civilizations.

The corporate strategy of Estepublic Group company is to synthesize the experience and knowhow gained in the foreign market as well as in the domestic market, take development, advancement and industrial orientations into account, aim to invest in commercial sectors with a high profit potential and achieve a sustainable and stable growth within the targeted periods.

Despite the conditions of economic competition, Estepublic Group has also added sectors with a promising potential such as construction, real estate development and sales, food, export and medical equipment to its field of activity.

Domestic and National

In addition to the investments made in the areas of Real Estate, Construction, Food and Export, the company has invested in the medical sector at the beginning of 2020 in order to counter the current needs in the medical sector and reduce foreign dependency. The company aims to create a 100% domestic and national medical brand and become a leading brand in the world market with the investment it has made. Estepublic Medical has reached a wide customer portfolio in a short time with the initiatives and investments it has made in the foreign and domestic market.

Mission, Vision

Estepublic Medical, the ever-growing value of our country, which continues to develop day by day and offer important opportunities with its stable economy, has made progress based on the principles of quality, value, service and excellence its mission.