Our goal

Professional solutions to the new normal life!

Mask Varieties

Mask varieties for protection or special personal needs.

PCR and Antibody Test Kits

Focus on your business with home and other test kits

Medical Supplies

Protective and necessary medical supplies such as Bonnets, Galoshes, Visors etc.

How do we work for you?

We manufacture all the products that are needed for the measures that can be taken against the Covid19 virus, which affects the whole world. We determine the needs of our new normal life in a time when we have to use other products, especially masks, and produce them for you with great care.

Protective Products for Institutions

Let’s determine your needs for small or large businesses

Individual Needs

Obtain products that you can sell for individuals directly from the manufacturer.

Medical Solutions

Let’s provide solutions in the range of applications in medical devices and many other medical areas in the field of professional and individual health.

Medical Solutions

Write us your needs for the best health and medical products you need in the new normal process and we will get back to you immediately.

All Product Categories


Disposable 3-layer masks, N95 Mask, FFP2-FFP3 Masks with ventilation-without ventilation, Washable Masks, Children’s Mask

Overalls & Gowns

Variety of protective gowns and overalls


Hats equipped with visors, Protective Visor varieties

Test Kits

Various types of Covid-19 test kits, for laboratory, hospital and home use


Liquid Disinfectants

Disposable Products

Pillowcases, Sheets, Bag Gloves, Latex Gloves, Vinyl Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Hand Towels, Stretcher Covers, Slippers, Cuffs, Galoshes, Prayer Rugs, Bonnets


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